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OmniSource provides no-cost comprehensive support services.

The OmniSource team is here to help patients throughout their treatment:

  • Case Manager—A dedicated Case Manager conducts investigation and benefits verification, and provides information on prior authorizations.
  • Patient Support Specialist—An OmniSource Patient Support Specialist works with the patient or patient's caregiver to help them get the answers to non-medical questions, guiding them through the on-boarding process, and providing personalized service for the patient's growth hormone journey.
  • Nurse Trainer—If requested by the patient, an OmniSource Nurse Trainer will provide the proper instruction for using the Omnitrope® (somatropin [rDNA origin] injection) Pen and cartridge or vial and syringe by visiting the patient’s home for an injection demonstration.
  • e-Prescribing—a streamlined e-prescribing platform to start and support patients prescribed Omnitrope. Features include Electronic Patient Enrollment and Prescription, Electronic Signatures for Prescribers and Patients, and Quick Benefits Investigation Available.

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e-Prescribing and Patient Status
(For U.S. Healthcare Professionals Only)

Check real-time insurance approval status by simply logging into the OmniSource e-Prescribing Platform

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